“When I came in to see Dr. John I noticed that I had uneven shoulders and a lot of tension in the shoulder area. I’ve noticed this problem for years. I also believe it was starting to affect my ability to sleep, to the point where I was considering buying an $8,000 bed to help me sleep at night. The staff at the office treated me very well and everyone was always nice and professional. I can now move my neck more easily and I have better range of movement. I also feel less tension in my shoulders/ back muscles. The doctors do an excellent job with attention to detail. Everyone at the office is very courteous and professional!”
Amy W.

“I was having Sciatica pain in my right leg and pain in my lower back when I first came in to see Dr. Lou. I was suffering from this pain on and off for about 6 months. Before coming in to see the doctor I was taking anti-inflammatory medications, ice, heat and doing some stretching. The staff at the office treated me with kindness and concern. They truly cared how I felt and were encouraging along the way. The thing that I liked most about my care was how knowledgeable everyone was. They all knew what they were talking about and all of my concerns were meet with the knowledge that chiropractic could help! My results at the Wyoming Valley Chiropractic Center have been great. My pain has diminished and I am now able to do activities that most people take for granted. I have recommended the doctors at the Wyoming Valley Chiropractic Center too many people. I am Happy to share my story of health and well being from my adjustments. Thank you so much!!”
Brenda W.

“Before coming to see Dr. Lou, I had pain that radiated from my hip to my knee, down the back of my legs, a burning sensation in my knee, a cramped feeling going down my leg and the skin on my leg was sensitive to the touch. He took X-rays and suggested an MRI for possible disc problems. I then decided to see my husband’s chiropractor, Dr. Lou. I received a PROMPT appointment, had X-rays and a program set up for my problem. The thing I liked most about my care was that everything was explained to me! I watched informing videos, and was treated kindly and with privacy. I also enjoyed the variety of techniques to help loosen me up. I haven’t taken any pills now for several weeks and my symptoms slowly abated and are gone right now. I look forward to keeping them that way with maintenance!! I would highly recommend Dr. Lou to anyone who asked!”
Joan L.

“My name in Amber M. and when I started at Wyoming Valley Chiropractic Center I was experiencing Chronic Neck Pain and Headaches along with Lower Back Pain when driving. The Neck Pain and Headaches have bothered me for as long as I can remember but it was the more recent occurrence of Lower Back Pain that brought me in to see Dr. John. Before coming in I had been taking Excedrin Migraine along with a Neurologist prescribed blood pressure medication for my Headaches and Neck pain. Now the Neck Pain and Headaches are reduced to minimal if at all and the Back Pain is GONE! The staff is Wonderful! Fantastic! Fabulous! Like Family! The thing I liked most about coming to the office was that everyone treated you with kindness and the office cares about you as a person! They make you feel like one of the family. There is nothing I can think of that I didn’t like about my care here. I just want to say Thank You so much for working with me and helping me to get back to Better Health. Thank you!”
Anne M.

“When I first came to see Dr. Guarnieri I had been having neck pain that was affecting my ability to drive! I could not sit and drive the car without a lot of discomfort. My range of motion to the left was limited. It had been bothering me for about two months before coming in to see Dr. Lou. Before that I had an MRI taken and Gabenton was prescribed. The whole staff at the office is friendly and courteous; they are a very caring group of people. The part I liked most about my care was the personal treatment I received from Dr. Lou. I have been pain free for the last 2 ½ months!! There is nothing not to like about my care at the office and I would not hesitate to recommend both doctors at the Wyoming valley chiropractic center to anyone!!”
Ellen L.

“When I came into the Chiropractor’s, I had been experiencing low back pain, pain shooting down both of my legs into my knees. It was so bad I had to take time off of softball. It had been bothering me for about 7 to 8 weeks and I had been trying physical therapy to help. I liked everything about my care here at the office. The staff is amazing and everyone is straight forward. My results have been amazing at the Wyoming valley chiropractic center! I am finally able to play softball again. I am so Happy! There isn’t anything I didn’t like about my care here and I would recommend the Doctors! Thank you so Much!”
Bethann R.